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' There are no mistakes in crafting, just your own unique creations '
Upcoming Workshops

(monthly class) £3
The first Wednesday of the month 7-9pm
@MKs Strabane

An opportunity to get together with friends,
family or just have some quality 'Me Time' away from it all! Tea/coffee provided (or you can
purchase something stonger if you want!)
No previous art or craft experience needed, if
you just want to look on that's ok too!

NEXT CLASS Wednesday 5th July @7pm
Check out Facebook for what we will be making!

EDEN Free of charge, booking required contact
Allison Forbes: South West Age Partnership
Tel: 028 82 251824

EDEN - Embracing Dementia, Empowering Neighbourhoods. We want to take the taboo away from dementia and help people living with it, help meet others living with it too. You can share issues you are facing, discuss your methods to overcome them. There will be a strong focus on having fun, with lots of discussions and sharing of opinions. The group environment will be supportive with members encouraged to support to other.

Each week has a theme based on cognitive simulation, designed to aid memory recall and activities to make the brain work hard - keeping it exercised. Just like any other muscle, the brain can get in shape, be strengthened and developed with use.

' Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it's just a memory'

Care For Carers

Learn skills to develop and embellish a Life Story Book while having some well deserved time out over a cuppa.

A Life Story Book is a tool used to enhance the care provided to older people, particularly those with Dementia. The benefits for individuals, families/friends and for staff providing care include improving understanding of the individual, promoting relationships and facilitating delivery of person-centred care. It is used to help develop an understanding of a person’s past experiences and how they will cope with changes in their life. The book includes: date and place of birth, parents, siblings, childhood, working life, significant life events, places & events, activities & interests & my life now. A great project to begin at early diagnosis to help cope with the decisions that may have to made in the future.
(Costs vary on number in the group & location. Can also be a one on one activity.)

“I found this workshop to be very therapeutic and I think it would be ideal to be used with the older people...the workshop showed how bits of paper can be turned into the most beautiful artwork and how you don’t have to be anyway artistic to produce something beautiful”     Hilary, Community Physiatric Nurse.

Patient based activities

Being creative can help improve the health and well being of people who experience mental or physical problems .

Workshops can be organised in care facilities, tailored to suit the abilities of the participants and around the activities they enjoy. Creating things with your hands is a time-old tradition, crafting is a wonderful distraction from some of the worries in life. Whatever the type  of craft, it’s possible to gain a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment when you make a piece of art.
(Costs vary on number in the group & location)

“A great idea, it would be useful for clients who have been recently diagnosed with Dementia
(eg our post diagnosed group) & carers. Also would be good for a group of functional mental health patients.”
  Kate, Occupational Therapist

Mum & Me

Record the journey from the beginning.

Mum & Me is a workshop that can be incorporated into parenting groups. Expectant mums and new mums can develop a memory book to record their journey for their new arrival. An opportunity to release tension and anxiety through working on guided artistic exercises. 

Baby shower parties can also be arranged, where family and friends can help the new mum start a book that can to be developed as the child grows, continuing the book with mother and toddler classes.
(Costs vary on number in the group & location)

Crafty Chicks

Try something a little different to kick start your hen party...

Each Crafty Chick brings their fondest memories of the bride; it could be a ticket to a concert, a childhood photo or whatever makes you think of her! (The item should fit within 7in x 7in space and be flat to fit inside the scrapbook)

Together we compile a memory book for the bride to keep forever, using a variety of crafting techniques like quilling, stamping and heat embossing- don’t worry if you are not artistic, this workshop will awaken the inner artist in you!

A photo booth on the day provides an opportunity to capture some memories together to complete the book. The photos will be sent on a disc to the bride to add to her scrapbook & share with her chicks!

Groups & Special Occasions

Special birthday or anniversary? Just want to get together to have some fun with the girls? Want to do some team building with your colleagues?

Crafting parties can be arranged to suit any occassion, it's a great way to get together with friends, build some team spirit or just have fun!

Get in touch to design your bespoke party!
(Costs vary on number in the group & location)
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